Marco Arment on marketing

The fantastic NSConference released free videos from its seventh (and final) conference in Leicester, UK. Many fantastic talks, as usual, ranging from technical to business to inspirational, all in the context of software development.

One of the talks was by Marco Arment, whose main application these days is the popular Overcast podcast client for iOS. In this talk, Marco talks about how marketing should be integrated with the software development process, in this age of overabundance of choice.

Based on his experience with Overcast and previous projects like Instapaper, Macro shows how he approached the various aspects of marketing.

One of the main takeaways from this talk is that app marketing is not something that developers should ignore, nor is it something that should be start when development ends. Rather, marketing should be started before the development starts, as part of the market research, competitive analysis, pricing and ballpark calculations of business viability. The talk describes what works and what doesn’t.

Highly recommended for independent software developers in all fields.


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