Apple asks for marketing feedback

Many developers for the Apple platforms received a questionary from Apple about marketing in the App Store. There’s a lot to be say about the App Stores and a lot to complain, especially in the Mac App Store, which is much more limited than its iOS counterpart. At the recent Release Notes conference, Pieter Omvlee of Bohemian Coding showed one slide that summarized main frustrations that developers have:

The App Store Problem

The App Store Problem

But as far as the questionary replies go, Wil Shipley, a well-known long-time Mac developer made a couple of his answers public on Twitter. Really, there’s nothing to add.

Strategies to dominate the App Store

There are an abundance of different strategies one could select to try and improve one’s business in the App Store.

Some software developers decide on the idea, work long and hard on an application to cater it to a specific type of customer by asking, thinking what’s important to this customer, and then polish and polish until it’s the best it can be.

Some developers try some SEO or ASO (App Store Optimization) to improve the ranking of their applications in search engines.

And then, others take a different approach to the business:

A screenshot from most recent applications on the Mac App Store screen

A screenshot from most recent applications on the Mac App Store screen. So green.

I’m not sure which one will make more money but I know which strategy I’m not going to take.

If you are in an especially good mood, search the App Store for a couple of these apps and take a look at the screenshots.

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